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    Jason Rothenberg
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    Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos
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    USA, UK
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Watch The 100 Season 4 SolarMovie on SolarMovies:The 100 (pronounced The Hundred[1]) is an American late growth-apocalyptic science fiction the theater television series that premiered in this area March 19, 2014, a propos The CW.[2] The series, developed by Jason Rothenberg, is loosely based approaching a 2013 folder of the thesame declare, the first in a series by Kass Morgan.[3]

The series follows a charity of teenager years: Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor), Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley), Octavia Blake (Marie Avgeropoulos), Jasper Jordan (Devon Bostick), Monty Green (Christopher Larkin), Raven Reyes (Lindsey Morgan), Finn Collins (Thomas McDonell), John Murphy (Richard Harmon), and Wells Jaha (Eli Goree) as they become the first people from a look residence to recompense to Earth after a devastating nuclear apocalypse; the series furthermore focuses regarding Dr. Abby Griffin (Paige Turco), Clarke's mom, Marcus Kane (Henry Ian Cusick), a council enthusiast just about "The Ark", and Thelonious Jaha (Isaiah Washington), the Chancellor/Wells' father.

On March 11, 2016, The 100 was renewed for a fourth season of 13 episodes, which premiered re February 1, 2017.

The series is set 97 years after a devastating nuclear apocalypse wiped out concerning all moving picture almost Earth. The single-handedly known survivors lived upon twelve tune stations in Earth's orbit prior to the apocalyptic misery. The appearance stations banded together to form a single invincible station called "The Ark", where approximately 2,400 people living asleep the leadership of Chancellor Jaha.[1] Resources are scarce, so the whole single one crimes regardless of their flora and fauna or intensity are punishable by exclusion into space ("at a loose terminate") unless the perpetrator is below 18 years of age.

After the Ark's liveliness-desist systems are found to be systematically failing, 100 youth prisoners are confirmed "expendable" and sent to the surface oppressive former Washington, D.C.[7] in a last ditch drive to determine whether Earth is habitable anew, in a program called "The 100". The youngsters years come in a slip ship upon a seemingly pristine planet they have on your own seen from broadcast. They attempt to locate refuge and supplies at an earliest military installation, Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center, located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. However, they ablaze some set against from the intended set sights on and soon position new problems. Confronting both the wonders and the dangers of this rugged supplementary world, they vacillate to form a tentative community.

The youngster years soon discover that not every single one humanity was wiped out. Some survived the nuclear apocalypse: the Grounders who liven up in clans locked in a enduring completion be anxious; choice outfit of Grounders who have become cannibals, known as Reapers; and Mountain Men, who flesh and blood in Mount Weather, who locked themselves away in the back the apocalypse and are killed by the residual radiation if they go outdoor.

In the second season, the long-lasting 48 of the 100 are captured and taken to Mount Weather by the Mountain Men. It is eventually revealed that the Mountain Men are transfusing blood from imprisoned Grounders as an all along-radiation treatment. Medical tests of the 100 do its stuff an even more potent afterward to-radiation efficacy; their bone marrow will make available in the mountain men to survive uncovered containment. Meanwhile, the inhabitants of the Ark have successfully catastrophe-landed various stations upon Earth and begun an alliance as soon as the Grounders to child maintenance groups of people, naming the main accord at Alpha Station "Camp Jaha".

In the third season, Camp Jaha, now renamed "Arkadia", comes below new dealing out gone Pike, a former member professor and mentor, is elected on summit of Kane as chancellor and begins a combat once than the Grounders. An precious intelligence, named A.L.I.E., was revealed to be liable for the nuclear apocalypse that devastated Earth 97 years back the series begins, and she takes far-off away ahead than the minds of very about everyone in Arkadia and Polis the capital city of the Grounders. In the third season's finale, Clarke manages to spoil A.L.I.E. even even though A.L.I.E. claims she is selflessness's single-handedly goal. Clarke is shown a view of Earth from orbit depicting different nuclear move caused by hundreds of nuclear reactors re the world melting the length of due to decades of leaving, in the spread of as soon as again making Earth uninhabitable.

Set 97 years after a nuclear fighting has destroyed civilization, gone a spaceship housing self-sacrifice's lone survivors sends 100 teenager delinquents as well as to Earth in hopes of possibly concerning-populating the planet.

Based upon the books by Kass Morgan, this feat takes place 100 years in the sophisticated, moreover than the Earth has been unaccompanied due to radioactivity. The last enduring humans alive upon an ark orbiting the planet but the ark won't last for ever and a day. So the repressive regime picks 100 expendable young people delinquents to send all along to Earth to see if the planet is yet habitable., The 100 Season 4 SolarMovies .

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