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  • Directed by:
    Mikael Salomon
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  • Actor:
    Peter Facinelli, Dylan McDermott, Yuliya Snigir
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    1h 23min

Freezer SolarMovies Storyline:

Watch Freezer SolarMovie on SolarMovies:Freezer is a 2014 American thriller film, directed by TV director Mikael Salomon. The film stars Dylan McDermott, Yuliya Snigir and Peter Facinelli.

Robert Saunders (Dylan McDermott) wakes taking place to locate himself bound and locked inside a meat locker. After he is nimble to clip himself floating, two Russian mobsters Kiril and Stepan enter the freezer to explore him. It becomes apparent that neither proclaim yes English, but by now they depart they state a dismayed Robert they suffering "share". Left alone, Robert finds a aeration duct in the severity of the ceiling that appears to gain to the fans inside the locker. Just furthermore, he finds a ringing cell phone in the region of the floor and speaks bearing in mind Detective Al Dorian, who first addresses him as "Sam". Robert explains that he was having dinner in a restaurant taking into account his girlfriend for his birthday in the future physical knocked unconscious and thrown into the freezer. Before Dorian can unlimited a smack, the mobsters compensation and eradicate the phone. They are accompanied this time by the bi-lingual Alisa (Yuliya Snigir), who accuses Robert of having stolen $8 million from them and demands its reward; otherwise, he will deaden to death within four hours. He tries to persuade them that he is good and this is a suit of mistaken identity, but the Russians are undeterred and acquiesce his shoes previously position away astern.

After finding bags to wrap his bare feet, Robert tries to save his body temperature going on by exercising. While running regarding the room, he knocks greater than some boxes revealing a seriously pained Detective Sam Gurov lying in a shelf. Sam tells Robert that he will not be allowed to depart the locker living regardless if he is clever to convince the mobsters he is pure. Before passing out, he confesses that he was an undercover cop aggravating to bring down the mobsters' boss, Oleg. Robert hides Sam behind again and begins attempting to fade away the fans by beating them following a blaze extinguisher.

The Russians compensation and again Alisa demands to know where the child maintenance is. Robert maintains his ignorance of the business and evades her questions, but a groan from Sam alerts Kiril. Robert takes advantage of the issue by grabbing Alisa as Kiril threatens to kill Sam. Sam shatters Robert's innocence by telling them Robert took the maintenance despite his protests. Robert deduces that Alisa was supposed to be lithe a role accomplishment of the floating maintenance and she begs Robert to flavor if not to save himself, then to money her. After the Russians leave subsequently than anew, Sam explains that after a unsuccessful hit, Oleg began the length of his terrible fortune in report to for sponsorship; during the shuffle, the $8 million was loose. Sam volunteers to alter clothes following Robert and toting taking place as him in order to confess Robert a inadvertent at escape. The scheme fails, and Robert, in a bid to save Sam's liveliness, confesses that the maintenance is hidden in the restaurant where he was abducted. Despite this, he is under and Sam is killed.

Upon waking going on, Robert makes Alisa understand that Stepan is the valid robber and Robert is breathing thing framed, by now Stepan was liable for both the death of Sam's informant and identifying Robert as the robber. Robert kills Kiril subsequent to a meat hook, but is incapacitated by Stepan previously he can rule away. Alisa, now simply shaken, tells Stepan that Robert accused him of taking the money. Enraged by Kiril's death, Stepan drags Alisa out of the freezer and locks Robert inside following than all all yet again again again. After he puts on Kiril's clothes, he continues to search for but fails to locate any showing off out of the meat locker. When Stepan and Alisa recompense, Robert convinces them to permit him admittance Detective Dorian because, as Sam's fashion late extra, he will know where the maintenance is. Stepan impatiently ends the call and throws a pail of water taking place for Robert in the since leaving.

With hypothermia setting in, Robert again tries the disconnect to enthusiast wires in the discussion shaft, but is unable due to his come clean. At that era, a skillfully-dressed and bound Russian man is thrown into the room as soon as Robert. The man, introducing himself as Danil, offers to serve on happening Robert control away in row for a part of the maintenance. Robert instructs Danil to clip the electrical wires in the shaft, but behind the mobsters enter the room, Danil is electrocuted to death. Alisa reveals that Danil was merely a reforest to obtain the unwavering idea from Robert and was in reality Vadim, Oleg's son.

When Oleg arrives, he finds Robert and identifies him as the assassin who past failed to kill him. Once Robert drops his claimed innocence and acknowledges the unmodified, he and Oleg commotion as Alisa and Stepan see vis--vis. Due to his weakened come clean, Oleg gains the upper hand but is killed by Alisa past he can finish off Robert. Alisa is in reality Robert's girlfriend and had been active upon the inside for him. A uptight Stepan escapes and locks the two inside. Robert uses the severed electrical wires to cause the metal meat rack to meet the expense of off passable heat to hot their hands. At this period, Detective Dorian arrives and demands to know where the maintenance is after instructing the two to bind their hands to the rack. Alisa confesses that the money has been inside the meat locker every single one times, hidden inside the boxes of cuts. While Dorian is detached subsequent to than this, Alisa and Robert control away by blazing through the zip ties binding their wrists together upon the angry rack.

Robert and Alisa use a semi-truck to hook occurring to the freezer taking into account the money and Dorian inside. After traveling to a harbor, they load the container onto a cargo boat. Alisa gives Robert a "birthday minister to" from Oleg, a bin of cuts holding a large amount of money. They objective off planning a hot vacation, but not assist on knocking an wounded Stepan into the niche.

Robert Saunters, a mechanic is knocked unconscious at his birthday dinner and wakes happening to locate himself locked taking place inside the restaurant's freezer. Knowing nothing of why he's there, he realizes he has been mistaken as someone else., Freezer SolarMovies .

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