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The Boundary

The Boundary SolarMovies

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  • Directed by:
    Wang Tao
  • Genre:
  • Actor:
    Ye Liu, Daisy Waite, Wenzhuo Zhao
  • Country:
  • Runtime:
    1h 41min

The Boundary SolarMovies Storyline:

Watch The Boundary SolarMovie on SolarMovies:The Boundary (Chinese: ) is a 2014 Chinese suspense play crime performing film directed by Wang Tao. It was released vis--vis November 6.

By November 7, the film had earned 13.10 million at the Chinese crate office.

A Cop Whose Wife Vanished Without A Trace Since 10 Years Past.He Was Accused Of Murdering A Tycoon's Wife After She Assasinated A Hostage Lady She Doubts Of Being A Mistress To Her Husband.In The Present Time The Tycoon's New Partner Is Brutally Assasinated.Suddenly The Cop Is Experiencing Nightmares And Sees Visions Of His Missing Wife,With The Help Of The Murdered Wife's Daughter They Must Uncover The Mysteries And Strange Connections To The Murders Happened Before Time Runs Out.

The checking account starts from pile murder, murderer exactly ten years ago, a girl was shot dead by police. A decade ago, it has not found an important clue surfaced, what pass things connected taking into account the murder a decade ago after a decade of existence in the fall? All this seems to be lead to square one anew. Liu Ye plays Justin was upset to intervene series of investigations, throws a era spanning 10 years of disputes, he played in imitation of Chiu ??? what will happen to the metaphor, the same two men who have wandering a loved one, the unlimited showdown, astern, relating to a shocking unnamed, computer graphics and death, adoration and hate, deafening and evil, black and white, allowable and evil, unconditional and lies a major reversal in, The Boundary SolarMovies .

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