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The Mule

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  • Directed by:
    Tony Mahony, Angus Sampson
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  • Actor:
    Hugo Weaving, Angus Sampson, Leigh Whannell
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    1h 43min

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Watch The Mule SolarMovie on SolarMovies:The Mule is a 2014 Australian comedy crime drama film directed by Tony Mahony and Angus Sampson.[1] It was released directly to iTunes and added digital platforms simultaneously in Australia, United States, Canada and New Zealand as regards 21 November 2014.

In 1983 Australia, television repairman Ray Jenkins (Angus Sampson) and his football team celebrate the fall of their season by spending the weekend in Thailand. Ray's best friend Gavin (Leigh Whannell), a small-period criminal active for local property owner/crime lord Pat Shepherd (John Noble), asks Ray to transport heroin when insinuation to speaking flight acknowledge. Ray refuses, but finds out his step-dad is highly in gambling debt, and his mother will be targeted if he does not pay taking place. He agrees to transport the heroin. In Thailand, even though free through the markets, Gavin goes to choose happening half a kilogram of heroin to bring verify to Pat. Before he leaves, he purchases an auxiliary half kilogram to sell following insinuation to his own. At the hotel, Gavin hides the heroin in condoms, coercing Ray to swallow them. Upon their arrival at Melbourne Airport, Ray begins to terror and is eventually detained by customs officials. Believing that Ray is a drug trafficker, he is arrested by Australian Federal Police agents Croft and Paris (Hugo Weaving and Ewen Leslie). Ray's lawyer Jasmine Griffiths (Georgina Haig) tells Ray that he can single-handedly be held in a hotel room for four days.

During the four days, Ray tries to sticking to uphold his creature functions to prevent himself from instinctive convicted, aided by codeine, which constipates him. Gavin returns to declare Ray's mom Judy (Noni Hazlehurst) and stepfather John (Geoff Morrell) that Ray has been arrested. They plot to head to the hotel to visit him, but John has a ventilation behind Gavin, revealing his participation in the drug slant toward to profit Pat to profit rid of his debts. Suspecting the location of the drugs, Croft goes to a sit in judgment and extends Ray's time in the hotel room for a collective week.

Paris arrives at the hotel room to locate Ray visceral tortured by Croft and a police guard. He kicks them out of the room and comforts Ray, giving him more codeine.

Gavin hides from Pat, but is found and beaten savagely for botching the heroin transport. Pat tells Gavin that Ray must be killed to prevent him from giving let know to the police. Gavin heads to the hotel, where he persuades the guard to consent to him visit Ray, intending to stab Ray, but finds he cannot bring himself to realize therefore. He is caught by Paris, who follows him to the rooftop. Paris reveals himself to be a cop out to create money from drugs, though Gavin explains the merger matter.

Having learnt that Gavin has purchased more heroin for himself, Pat sends his Russian guard to the hotel to kill Ray and Gavin. On the rooftop, a panicking Gavin reveals anything to Paris in metaphor to the concord of immunity, single-handedly for Paris to appendix him off the building. His body becomes wedged in the windshield of Pat's Russian bodyguard's car. The Russian dumps Gavin's body down the road and leaves town.

Having witnessed Gavin falling off the building, Ray realises that Paris is corrupt. He tries to make known Croft, but Croft refuses to take his beautify is corrupt.

Croft goes to the arbitrator and extends the sentence to ten days, despite Jasmine's pleas. She visits Ray and tells him that if he is ever released, he should testify closely Croft and Paris for keeping him held against his will and their cruel behaviour. She has stubborn idea the hint of the elongated detention to a newspaper, but the newspaper is busy reporting the 1983 America's Cup race.

After Pat steals his car, John drunkenly admits to Judy his share in the plot and she kicks him out. John heads to Pat's bar, where he threatens to character him to the police. Pat has John strangled by his Thai chef, Phuk.

In the center of the night, Ray is unable to decline himself from defecating in his bed. After making precise the guard is deadened, Ray ingests the condoms following anew, frustrating not to vomit, at the forefront the guard wakes.

Still insisting that Ray is hiding the drugs, Croft goes to the find and finally extends the sentence to the maximum of 14 days. On the twelfth night, Ray puts his plot into pretense. He excretes one of the condoms and places some of the heroin in the beer of the police commissioner guarding him, putting him to nap. He plus excretes the land of the condoms, and taking a coin from the police officer's billfold, starts to unscrew the designate support to panel of the television.

Pat sings at John's funeral. Judy gets her car in the in the since. Judy, frightened for Ray's health, gives Ray his favourite meal cooked taking into consideration than stuffy laxatives. Ray refuses to eat it and the police have to attraction his mother off of him. The police eat the meal and fade away taking place arguing anew who gets to sit upon the toilet.

On the last night, the police officers are exasperating to watch the 1983 America's Cup but the television is displaying static, therefore they call reception to have it repaired. On the day of the last hours of hours of daylight, Ray finally goes to the toilet, and Paris discovers there are no drugs in his stomach contents. He attacks Ray, but Croft and substitute overseer come, and he claims that Ray has assaulted him. An ambulance is called, and Ray hands Croft a photograph of Pat. A aggravated Paris trashes the hotel room looking for the drugs, and finds a hidden microphone in a flower vase. Paris realises his threats and salutation to Ray have been recorded, revealing his corruption, and Croft enters the room and arrests him. Croft has with sent police to arrest Pat, but the Thai heroin boss instructs Phuk not to environment the police to present Pat living, and he is beaten to death as the police realize. At the television newscaster shop where he works, Ray smiles as he looks at the television from the hotel room where he hid the drugs.

A first times drug mule is caught by conduct yourself enforcement.

In 1983, a naive man is detained by Australian Federal Police behind lethal narcotics hidden in his front. After swine apprehended, The Mule makes a desperate another... to defy his swine functions and retain the evidence literally., The Mule SolarMovies .

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