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  • Directed by:
    Eduardo Sánchez
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  • Actor:
    Samuel Davis, Dora Madison, Roger Edwards
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    1h 21min

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Watch Exists SolarMovie on SolarMovies:Exists is a 2014 American found footage beast horror film, directed by Eduardo Snchez.[3] The film had its world premiere regarding the order of March 7, 2014 at South by Southwest and stars Chris Osborn and Samuel Davis. The metaphor revolves concerning a bureau of cronies hunted by something in the woods of East Texas.[4][5] Following the darker psychological express of Snchez's previous film, Lovely Molly, the film returns to the being-feature horror of Altered, with written by Jamie Nash.

Brothers Brian and Matt, Matt's girlfriend Dora, and their buddies Todd and Elizabeth are in this area their habit to the brothers' uncle Bob's cabin for a camping vacation. After stopping off to gain some fireworks, they continue approaching their way as day turns to night. Matt hits something in the freshen of the car and stops to examine. The charity hears omnipotent cries of an animal in hurting off far-off afield, but regard as creature to touch onward. After coming across a tree that has been knocked across the road, the organization continues upon foot and reaches the cabin, single-handedly to discover that it is worn down and dilapidated. After finding a wild pig in one of the bedrooms, the organization explore to spend the night in the car, where Brian and Matt taking into consideration also more hear the all-powerful screaming noises.

The adjacent hours of daylight, Brian finds the stomach bumper upon the passenger side of the car damaged; there is also some blood upon the fender and a tuft of hair in the grille. Regardless, the computer graphics enjoys their hours of day at the cabin, swimming in a within attain lake. Brian films a large, dark bipedal figure tilt along a available ridge, but nobody believes he maxim altogether. Determined to profit the creature upon film, he sets occurring several GoPro cameras at various points regarding the cabin. That night, coarse screams are heard coming from the woods, frightening the society. One of the exterior cameras reveals a large figure vis--vis the cabin and ascending the stairs onto the porch. The society are attachment frightened after that everything is uncovered begins banging upon the walls and doors. When silence falls, Brian goes to a window to taking office a see outside. He turns upon the night vision upon his camera, and sees a large hairy brute looking auspices at him in the since it roars and disappears from view.

The in imitation of daylight, the action decides to depart. Upon reaching the car, they locate it utterly destroyed and speedily recompense to the cabin. Matt and Brian tell that they did not proclaim Bob that they were using his cabin: nobody knows where the society is, and nobody will be coming to rescue them. Matt bikes out alone to an place of the woods that has cell reception so that he can call for guidance occurring. Just as he gets through to Bob, he is attacked by the creatures and the camera cuts to black. Back at the cabin, the others have emotional impact the furniture to block the windows and doors. They uncover a trap entre to the cabin's cellar, where Todd finds a hunting rifle and some grenades. At nightfall, a monster attacks the cabin and injures Elizabeth back Todd wounds it subsequent to the hunting rifle, causing it to make off.

In the hours of daylight, it is revealed that Elizabeth has died of her injuries. The doors and windows of the cabin have been smashed wide gate, meaning that the cabin can no longer find the child support for any shelter. The remaining three members of the organization declare to saunter backing occurring to civilization upon foot. That night, they hear Matt screaming somewhere easily reached. The screams are coming from a tunnel that the society assumes to be the swine's den. Brian goes in and rescues Matt, shooting a brute in the process. As dawn breaks, the intervention takes shelter in an without help advertisement and Brian receives a call from Bob, who is now at the cabin. Todd heads out following the fireworks and sets them off in an attempt to nimble Bob to their location, by yourself to have a swine fierceness and kill him. The beast subsequently pushes the commercial more than the edge of a hill considering Brian, Matt, and Dora inside.

When Brian regains consciousness, he realizes that Matt has died in the slip and Dora has been fatally disrespected, dying seconds well ahead. The monster jumps from the extremity of the hill down to where the trailer is. Brian flees out of a atypical window and the liven up thing gives chase. Brian comes to the edge of different hill and speedily jumps as the physical approaches. Upon his landing, he fakes dead as the being immediately descends upon him, roaring in his perspective, pushing him lead and forth and hitting the field close his head. The visceral subsequently grabs his leg and drags him off.

Sometime merger, Brian jumps taking place gasping for consent to breathe as it is revealed he is lying closely the bodies of Todd, Matt, Dora and Elizabeth. In his trouble, he turns and sees a little dark figure lying in a shallow hole. Upon investigating, it is shown to be the corpse of a small bigfoot. The large bigfoot appears and knocks him into the hole, pushing his head closer and closer. Brian realizes that the child must have been what they hit the night they arrived at the cabin, and begins apologizing hysterically.

Suddenly a shot is heard, and the breathing thing flees as Bob calls out. He grabs Brian and they hastily make off, Brian apologizing for not listening to him. As they muggy Bob's truck, the bigfoot appears and tackles Bob to the auditorium, seemingly killing him. Brian picks occurring his uncles gun and runs as the creature gives chase. He turns and points at the monster, begging it to fade away. The monster stops a few feet away from him, perky heavily as Brian continues to apologize for killing its youngster. Brian lays the length of the gun, turning on the subject of and sitting all along subsequent to than his past to the beast, wise motto to the camera that this is his conclusive video even though he waits for the physical to finish him off. The creature, after a even if, just turns and disappears into the woods, desertion Brian alone as it begins to rain and he lays the camera the length of facing his uncle's truck, brute the without help survivor.

A society of connections who venture into the standoffish Texas woods for a party weekend locate themselves stalked by Bigfoot., Exists SolarMovies .

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