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The Glass House

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  • Directed by:
    Daniel Sackheim
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  • Actor:
    Diane Lane, Leelee Sobieski, Stellan Skarsgård
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    1h 46min

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Watch The Glass House SolarMovie on SolarMovies:The Glass House is a 2001 American mystery thriller film directed by Daniel Sackheim and written by Wesley Strick. The film stars Leelee Sobieski, Diane Lane, Stellan Skarsgrd, Bruce Dern, Kathy Baker, Trevor Morgan, and Chris Noth.

The film acclaimed generally negative reviews and was a crate office bomb grossing merely $23 million in description to a $30 million production budget. The main defense cited for the financial failure of the film was the fact that the film was released 3 days after the September 11 attacks.

Sixteen-year-outdated Ruby Baker (Leelee Sobieski) and her eleven-year-primordial brother Rhett (Trevor Morgan) lose their parents, Dave and Grace, in a car disaster. Their parents' will is not a recent one but, in accordance taking into consideration its terms, the children are placed knocked out the guardianship of intimates neighbors from some years in the by now going on, the childless couple Erin (Diane Lane) and Terry (Stellan Skarsgrd) Glass, who flesh and blood in a large glass rest in Malibu.

There are to the fore indications that all is not proficiently. The children have to share a room; they are no longer educated privately; Rhett is allowed to undertaking once games consoles at every portion of portion of time; and Ruby is made uneasy by Terry's sexual hints back they are alone. Ruby comes across unlabeled pharmaceuticals and sees Erin injecting herself, even though the couple official message this is for diabetes. Ruby tries unsuccessfully to profit the children's in flames and trust fund lawyer, Alvin Begleiter (Bruce Dern), to declare you will her concerns, and a visiting social worker is taken in by the couple's assurances.

Ruby discovers mail from the children's maternal Uncle Jack (Chris Noth) in the trash, along behind a letter from a private educational indicating the Glasses unregistered the children and pocketed the $30,000+ tuition portion. Ruby moreover finds signs that Terry is in debt to take to the front sharks, and she gradually realizes her subsidiary promote parents are after the siblings' $4 million trust fund. Ruby becomes suspicious of her parents' death and discovers evidence of the Glasses involvement.

After unsuccessfully attempting to escape, the children are recaptured. The Glasses drug Ruby, and Terry tells Erin they must acquire rid of Ruby. Overcome by guilt and having wandering her medical license due to her drug abuse, Erin commits suicide. Terry locks the kids in the basement and sabotages his car, expecting the kids to create another make off attempt. However, the reorganize sharks, alerted by Ruby, appear at Terry's dwelling, kill Mr. Begleiter (who has come to put off Terry and revealed his complicity), repossess Terry's Jaguar, and acknowledge upon taking a ride. Terry begs them to reconsider, or to at least put happening following choice car, but eventually gives in. The car goes on zenith of a ledge and crashes, killing the abet sharks, even even if Terry survives.

Meanwhile, the children are picked taking place by a satisfying cop. The policeman stops at the scene of the accident and, even though investigating, Terry knocks him out. After climbing bolster happening the embankment, and armed when a gun, Terry tries to lure Ruby and Rhett toward him. Ruby hits Terry gone the police car and kills him instantly. In the decline, Ruby and Rhett cease occurring vibrant gone their Uncle Jack, who takes them to Chicago, where they visit their parents' grave and hug each added as the credits roll.

An orphaned minor is taken in by a Malibu couple but discovers they aren't the caring connections they seemed to be.

After the parents of Ruby and her younger brother, Rhett, are killed in a car catastrophe, their parents' best cronies, Erin and Terry Glass, become their guardians. The children hear promises of a world of opulence and California fun -- every they have to cartoon is adjust into the Glasses' gated estate. Before deeply long, even though, Ruby suspects that Erin and Terry may not be the ideal guardians they seemed to be., The Glass House SolarMovies .

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