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  • Directed by:
    Jesse Holland
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  • Actor:
    Angelique Rivera, Cameron Jebo, Michael Jai White
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    USA, UK
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    1h 30min

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Watch The Crooked Man SolarMovie on SolarMovies:The Crooked Man was a one-off British crime temporary designate on ITV1 approximately 17 December 2003,[1] starring Ross Kemp as the protagonist, Harry Fielding, an reasoned reporter who becomes embroiled in a twisted fighting of murder and blackmail. Written by Shaun McKenna and directed by David Drury, the film gathered 5.66m spectators.[2]

The DVD of the film was released in 2003, as a Region 2 pardon, exclusive to the Netherlands.[3] The film itself is a based on the subject of the novel of the same reveal, written by Philip Davison.

Harry Fielding (Ross Kemp) is an reasoned reporter operating for a unnamed agency intended to covertly document the compromising comings and goings of important public figures. His latest task is to study aficionado of parliament Douglas Jenner (Rupert Frazer), who has reportedly been playing away from his wife taking into consideration a mistress, Angela Richardson (Marina Morgan). Meanwhile, Harry finds he has a adding together neighbour primary scholastic learned Lisa Talbot (Natasha Little), whose daughter, Sarah (Karen Wallace-Jones), is swine distressed by an abusive boyfriend, Joe (Simon Meacock).

At the demand of his boss, Hamilton (Liam Cunningham), Harry takes covert photos of Angela rowing once her ex, Alex Simpson (Alan McKenna), and follows Angela as she goes to meet along together plus Jenner. However, he spots Lisa driving erratically, and out of intrigue, follows her to what turns out to be Joe's habitat. Harry sits in wait as an to-do together along with and Sarah and Joe ends in tragedy, taking into consideration than Lisa accidentally causing Joe's death by pushing him all along the stairs. Harry follows Lisa into the woods as she attempts to bury Joe's body, but in front the neighboring-door hours of day, he informs her that he knows all roughly the actions of the night to the lead, and that they compulsion to reward to the woods to bury the body deeper. Lisa questions why Harry would be comfortable to announcement happening occurring her; and he tells her that he is not fazed by all.

Meanwhile, a dog walker in the woods finds Joe's body, and a subsequent police psychotherapy leads to Harry and Lisa innate arrested, after a witness claims to have spotted Harry's car following Lisa on the subject of the night of the murder. Harry and Lisa are both sophisticated released without events regarding speaking the subject of the orders of Hamilton. Harry tells Lisa to save bashful to avoid added incrimination. Meanwhile, Harry approaches a pal, Jimmy Mo (Hi Ching), and asks him if he can park his car at the lessening of his restaurant even if he continues his surveillance re Jenner. Jimmy agrees, but in compensation, Harry has to babysit his youngster daughter, Mei Ling (Hannah Ho), even if he attends an important meeting. Mei Ling becomes keen in Harry's heritage of court feat, but Harry adorable-naturedly asks her to mind her own shape.

Later that night, though keeping surveillance upon Jenner, Harry witnesses Jenner stab Angela during a fuming upheaval. In order to blackmail Jenner, Harry approaches him and says that he will dispose of the body. He and Hamilton come and remove Angela's body from her flat, and adequately tidy the scene in order to surgically sever any incriminating evidence. Harry and Hamilton understand the body to a local crematorium, and Hamilton performs a midnight cremation, unaware that Mei Ling has been hiding in Harry's car the sum in the character period, and has witnessed the entire sum issue - as expertly as taking incriminating photos upon her camera. When Harry discovers that Mei Ling has been subsequent to him, he offers her share to relinquish her camera.

Harry soon comes to realise that Hamilton is functional from a secret agenda, and that Lisa is really a connection who has been ordered to save tabs upon Harry by Archie Saunders (Michael Byrne), the head of his organisation. Harry meets as soon as Saunders, who confirms that Jenner will be protected from the public eye for the time visceral, but that the evidence will kept upon file and eventually revealed add-on beside the extraction.

While at a slumber party, twelve-year-old-fashioned Olivia is responsible for the horrific and profound death of her pal after singing a melody, created by a reclusive mastermind, Milo, which summons a demonic figure known as The Crooked Man. Returning to her hometown six years higher, a string of odd deaths guide Olivia to receive that shes yet mammal haunted by everything she saw that fateful night. Once you sing the rhyme, everyone in the dwelling is cursed to die by his hands., The Crooked Man SolarMovies .

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