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Dark Victory

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  • Directed by:
    Edmund Goulding
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    Bette Davis, George Brent, Humphrey Bogart
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    1h 44min

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Watch Dark Victory SolarMovie on SolarMovies:Dark Victory is a 1939 American performing film directed by Edmund Goulding, starring Bette Davis and featuring George Brent, Humphrey Bogart, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Ronald Reagan, Henry Travers and Cora Witherspoon. The screenplay by Casey Robinson was based in the sky of mention to speaking the 1934 charity of the united title by George Brewer and Bertram Bloch, starring Tallulah Bankhead.

Judith Traherne (Bette Davis) is a youngster person, carefree, hedonistic Long Island socialite and heiress subsequent to a passion for horses, sudden cars, and too much smoking and drinking. She initially ignores rasping headaches and brief episodes of dizziness and double vision, but by now she uncharacteristically takes a spill though riding, and later tumbles the length of a flight of stairs, her secretary and best friend Ann King (Geraldine Fitzgerald) insists she see the relatives doctor, who refers her to a specialist.
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Dr. Frederick Steele (George Brent) is surrounded by closing his New York City office in preparation of a have an effect on to Brattleboro, Vermont, where he plans to devote his period to brain cell research and scientific investigation concerning their tallying. He reluctantly agrees to declare Judith, who is cool and openly antagonistic toward him. She shows signs of sudden-term forgetfulness, but dismisses her symptoms. Steele convinces her the ailments she is experiencing are immense and potentially simulation-threatening, and puts his career plans regarding preserve to tend to her.

When reasoned tests insist his suspicions, Judith agrees to surgery to surgically cut off a malignant brain tumor. Steele discovers the tumor cannot be very removed, and realizes she has less than a year to breathing. The decline will be painless but swiftrapidly after experiencing quantity blindness, Judith will die.

In order to make a clean breast her a few more months of happiness, Steele opts to lie to Judith and Ann and assures them the surgery was a finishing. As a poor liar, Ann is suspicious and confronts Steele, who admits the colossal. Steele tells Ann, "she must never know" she is going to die soon. She agrees to remain silent and continue the lie.

Judith and Steele become active romantically and eventually engaged. While helping his member in crime pack the office prior to their departure for Vermont, Judith discovers her dispute archives file containing letters from several doctors, all of them confirming Steele's prognosis. Assuming Steele was marrying her out of pity, Judith breaks off the draw and reverts to her former lifestyle. One hours of day, her stablemaster Michael O'Leary (Humphrey Bogart), who for years has loved her from afar, confronts her not quite her unruly tricks and she confesses she is dying. Their conversation convinces her she should spend her unlimited months glad, dignified, and as soon as the man she loves. She apologizes to Steele, she and Steele marry, and move to Vermont. (Throughout the film Judith and O'Leary engage in arguments very approximately the prospects of a colt, Challenger. O'Leary insists Challenger will never make a racehorse though Judith sees him as a in the estrange and wide afield along champion, and just previously her death O'Leary admits she was regulate.)

Three months progressive, Ann comes to visit. She and Judith are in the garden planting bulbs after that than Judith explanation very approximately how inconsistent it is she yet feels the heat of the sun under the snappishly darkening skies. She realizes she actually is losing her vision and roughly the accumulate less. Steele is scheduled to completion his most recent medical findings which hold out the long-term prospect of a cure for this type of cancer in New York, and Judith, making an marginal note to remain habitat, helps him pack and sends him off. Then, after bidding Ann, her housekeeper Martha (Virginia Brissac), and her dogs goodbye, she climbs the stairs and enters her bedroom. She kneels briefly at the side of her bed, apparently praying, later lies the length of approximately the bed. Martha, who has followed her, drapes a blanket more than her. Judith asks to be left alone, and Martha withdraws. The camera focuses in the midst of insinuation to the motionless Judith as the screen becomes blurry, fades to black, and the film ends.

A teenage socialite is diagnosed behind an inoperable brain tumor, and must have enough child support a ruling whether or not she'll meet her innocent days back than dignity.

Judith Traherne is at the summit of teenager society behind than Dr. Frederick Steele diagnoses a brain tumor. After surgery she falls in love since Steele. The doctor tells her secretary that the tumor will come urge concerning and eventually kill her. Learning this, Judith becomes manic and depressive. Her horse trainer Michael, who loves her, tells her to acquire as much out of moving picture as she can. She marries Steele who intends to locate a cure for her mayhem. As he goes off to a conference in New York failing eyesight indicates to Judith that she is dying., Dark Victory SolarMovies .

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