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National Security

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  • Directed by:
    Dennis Dugan
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  • Actor:
    Martin Lawrence, Steve Zahn, Colm Feore
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  • Runtime:
    1h 28min

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Watch National Security SolarMovie on SolarMovies:National Security is a 2003 achievement comedy film, directed by Dennis Dugan, starring Martin Lawrence and Steve Zahn. In calculation to Lawrence and Zahn, National Security boasts an new cast of Bill Duke, Eric Roberts, Colm Feore, Matt McCoy, and others.

The film was released in January 2003 and went concerning to terrifying on height of $50 million worldwide at the crate office. The film was shot at various locations in Greater Los Angeles, including Long Beach and Santa Clarita.

Two LAPD policemen Hank Rafferty (Zahn) and Charlie Reed (Timothy Busfield) consider a warehouse heist and discover a gang of thieves, one of which kills Charlie in the in the by now they escape.

Meanwhile, Earl Montgomery's (Lawrence) lifelong turn to become a police proprietor is thwarted taking into account he flunks police academy. After beast warned by Detective Frank McDuff (Colm Feore) that he will be flaming for interfering bearing in mind the psychoanalysis of Charlie's death, Hank crosses paths taking into account Earl subsequently Hank notices Earl bothersome to profit into his car once he finds his keys locked inside. When Hank questions Earl, a bumblebee comes along, to which Earl is allergic. From afar, it appears as if Hank is brutalizing Earl even though attempting to exchange the bumblebee behind his nightstick even though a Latino man catches the incident as regards speaking videotape. As a result, Hank is in flames from the police force and charged when angry fierceness neighboring to Earl. He is sentenced to six months in prison.

After monster released from prison, Hank takes a job as a security guard and continues to explore Charlie's death. Noticing an alarm swine tripped at a soda warehouse, Hank goes to evaluate. Meanwhile, Earl, who happens to be vigorous for the thesame security company, is not far away-off and wide off from loyalty at the related warehouse, but is slacking off. Hank interrupts the heist, and a gunfight erupts following the thugs, during which Hank and Earl heated paths anew. Though the flaming of thugs profit away, Hank recognizes the tattoo of the man who shot Charlie, whose publicize he learns is Nash (Eric Roberts).

One of the thieves drops a cell phone, which leads them to a semi truck rented by the killers. After finding a van, Earl and Hank steer it out of the truck but the van falls off the bridge onto a trash barge. Inside the van are what see gone nameless beer kegs, but Hank has them examined by a pal who works at a foundry, who informs them that the kegs are actually made of an aerospace alloy, which is worth millions. Hank takes the van and the kegs to the quarters of his ex-girlfriend Denise (Robinne Lee). They broke occurring after Hank was arrested, and Hank orders Earl to recommend Denise the resolved approximately the "forcefulness." Earl promises, but bearing in mind than he sees that Denise is an handsome black lady, he starts hitting in statute to her, playing the victim again. She throws both of them out of the habitat. Earl runs previously occurring to Hank, just as they are both cornered by police, learning that they are wanted as suspects in the bridge shootout. After they control to delay out, Hank realizes that the thieves must have an inside man in the police department to pronounce them frame the duo for the shootout.

That night, after tracing the van's owner to an residence, Hank and Earl stake out the area, but Earl rushes inside upon his own, where he is confronted by Nash. Hank manages to acquire Earl to safety, but Earl takes a bullet in the leg. When Hank takes Earl to Denise to acquire his wound treated (which turns out to be a roughen), a bee flies into the home, and Earl runs for cover, making Denise get your hands on that Hank's outlandish description roughly the "violent behavior" upon Earl was actually definite. She slaps Earl for lying and imprisoning Hank and reconciles past Hank.

Based upon something overheard from Nash, they follow him to a meeting at a Yacht Club and witness him caution McDuff, who is revealed to be Nash's inside man. Hank and Earl part all they know considering their boss, Lieutenant Washington (Bill Duke), and with appear in to admittance McDuff, offering to sell him mitigation the "beer kegs" for $1 million. However, Nash overhears their plans and takes Washington hostage first. During the nervousness, Earl and Hank meet once McDuff, Nash and their men heavy the coast, rescuing Washington and accidentally starting a shootout, but the trio run to execute or apprehend most of Nash's gang, including McDuff. During the shootout, Hank saves Earl's energy by agitation him about a gunman taking purpose at him, getting shot himself in the process, but survives. Earl engages in a brawl subsequent to Nash even if a pained Hank gets taking place. He kills Nash by dropping a crane load onto an unstable slab, catapulting him into the ocean.

Six months difficult, in rave review of their heroic happenings, Hank is reinstated in the LAPD and Earl is admitted to the force, and they are made intimates a quick grow pass highly developed.

Two mismatched security guards are thrown together to bust a smuggling operation., National Security SolarMovies .

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